Reference Materials

Guides & Materials

Title ​Type
​Initiative Overview April 2013 ​PDF
Transforming Arkansas's Health Care System brochure ​PDF
Welcome to the Provider Portal Informational Flyer ​PDF
Principal Accountable Provider Informational Flyer April 2013
Guide to Reading Your Report April 2013 ​PDF
Arkansas Payment Improvement Episode Care Model April 2013 ​PDF
Arkansas Payment Improvement Initiative Supporting Materials ​PDF
Cross-Episode Workgroup Attendees ​PDF

Legislative Matters and Legal Notices

​Title ​Type
​Briefing on Episode Thresholds: ADHD, Perinatal, and URI June 2012 ​PDF
Promulgation Packet for Wave 2B Episodes of Care July 2013 ​PDF
Portal Legislative Packet March 2012


Promulgation Packet related to episode performance payment 4/2013 PDF​
Multi-Payer Web-based Provider Portal Notice July 2012 DOC​
Promulgation Packet from October 2012 related to CHF and Joint Replacements ​PDF


​Title ​Type
September 2011 Update to CMS from John Selig PDF​
Governor Beebe Payment Reform Update to Secretary Sebelius ​PDF
Governor Beebe's Oct. 12, 2011, Letter to Secretary Sebelius and request for funding​ ​PDF
John Selig's Sept. 23, 2011, Letter to Richare Gilfillan ​DOC
RFA suggested guidance to CMS in September 2011​ ​PDF
Stakeholder Update Letter December 2011​ ​PDF
Governor Mike Beebe February 2011 Letter Detailing AR Medicaid Transformation Proposal


​Title ​Type
​Initial Findings on Payment Improvement Episodes July 2013 ​PDF
March 2011 First Stakeholder Meeting Presentation ​ ​PDF
Workplan - DRAFT May 2011 ​PDF
Webinar Presentation to Stakeholders - September 2011 ​PDF
All Stakeholder Meeting Handouts (Cross-Episode Update) March 2012 ​PDF
Health Care Transformation Presentation from March 2011 ​PDF
Priority Clinical Areas Presentation 2011 ​PDF
​Commercially Insured ​PDF
The Challenge of Clinical Variation ​PDF
Jonesboro Town Hall Presentation ​PDF
Episode-Based Payment System RFI Responses July 2012​ PAGE​

CMS State Innovation Model Testing Grant Application

​Title ​Type
Project Abstract ​PDF
Governor Mike Beebe's Letter ​PDF
​Stakeholder Letters ​PDF
​State Innovation Plan ​PDF
Project Narrative​ ​PDF
​Budget Narrative ​PDF
​     Budget Narrative Revised 2-2013 ​PDF
Continuous Improvement​ ​PDF
Project Plan ​PDF
​​Financial Analysis ​PDF