Long Term Services and Supports

Planning efforts are currently underway to develop a Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) integrated care coordination model that will address the comprehensive needs of individuals eligible for LTSS services.  Comprehensive system’s and services coordination will integrate primary care, acute care, behavioral health needs, long-term services and supports, and other required system supports.  Primary goals of the LTSS Health Home include:
·         Helping individuals and their families access services in the most appropriate care setting
·         Matching level of care to level of need
·         Coordinating care across setting and providing individual and population-based care management


Long Term Services and Supports Documentation

​Title ​Type
​STP Workgroup Meeting Agenda 1/11/2016 ​​PDF
1/11/2016 ​Timeline Chart ​​PDF
​1/11/2016 Narative ​​PDF
​1/11/2016 Public Comment and State Response ​​PDF
​AR Choices Questions and Responses ​PDF
​HCBS Public Workgroup Meeting Document ​PDF
​​LTSS Public Workgroup Meeting 9-23-2014 ​PDF
Workgroup: Attendance 10/25/2012 ​PDF


​LTSS Workgroup Meeting Video
​9/23/2014 LTSS Worgroup Meeting Part 1 ​​9/23/2014 LTSS Worgroup Meeting Part 2
​​9/23/2014 LTSS Worgroup Meeting Part 3 ​​9/23/2014 LTSS Worgroup Meeting Part 4