Developmental Disabilities

The Developmental Disabilities Health Home (DDHH) model is currently being planned as an integrated health care delivery model that holistically coordinates developmental disability, physical health, and behavioral care, and other system supports for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families for the purpose of facilitating improved quality of care and positive population-based health outcomes.
The DDHH is a component of the Arkansas Payment Improvement Initiative (APII) and aims to fulfill the stated triple aim of the APII to: (1) improve the health of the Arkansas population; (2) enhance the individual experience of care, and; (3) reduce or control the cost of care.
For an individual with a developmental disability who meets an institutional level of care and is receiving home and community based services, the DDHH will hold primary responsibility for care coordination and care management activities.
The DDHH aims to ensure provider accountability for the full client experience including health outcomes, streamlining the care planning process, and ensuring that there is a single integrated plan for each client across DD, LTSS or BH, and medical care.