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In 2011, Arkansas Medicaid, the Arkansas Department of Human Services, Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and QualChoice of Arkansas partnered to transform our state’s health care and payment system.  The collaboration is called the Arkansas Health Care Payment Improvement Initiative.Together, Medicaid and private insurance companies represent a large enough portion of the market that initiative leaders felt there would be a big enough incentive for providers to shift to a higher-quality and more cost-efficient system of care.

Working closely with hundreds of physicians, hospital executives, patients, families and advocates, the payers worked for nearly a year to design and build the new payment system. The result is a bold initiative tailored to the needs of Arkansas patients and providers. Though some aspects of this initiative have been or are being tried elsewhere in the country, Arkansas is the first to use this approach statewide and with both public and private payers. 

The initiative is part of a larger effort to improve the state’s overall health care system by improving access to care, increasing the number of people who are insured and improving the quality of care patients receive. For more information about the larger effort, please visit Arkansas Center for Health Improvement.

VIDEO: Arkansas Health Care Payment Improvement Initiative